Glass and Frameless Glass Balustrades are both aesthetically pleasing as well as on trend with international developments, ensuring modern and up-to-the-minute designs. Our installations are all SANS-compliant, ensuring safety with a toughened glass thickness of between 8mm to 12mm.

The standards strictly adhered by May Kenny Designs include:

  • SANS 10400 – The height and air gaps of the Balustrades do not exceed 100mm.

  • SANS 10160 – The Balustrades structurally meet the line load requirements of the different Occupational Classification Categories.

  • SANS 10137 – The Installation of Glazing in Buildings: Residential or Commercial Applications.

  • SANS 1263 (1:2006) – Safety Performance of Glazing Materials Upon Human Impact: Related to the Sandbag Test (30kg) and the Glazing MUST Withstand 400J Of Energy.

May Kenny Designs are SASSDA registered
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