This comprises of 50mm Top Rail Round, Square or Rectangular Tubing, 38mm posts Both round or square. Four glass clamps are used on ea section (We have stainless steel, chrome and Aluminium clamps that can be used in various sizes and shapes – Round or Square).

  • Delivery time
    Round posts: 1 – 3 weeks
    Square Posts: 3 – 4 weeks
    Glass: 2 – 2,5 weeks after the installation of the stainless components

  • Installation process
    The best time to install the balustrades will be after tiling, but before laminated flooring. We use a diamond tipped Core drill which uses water to drill a hole into the floor. The hole is slightly bigger then the post giving enough room the post for the glue to create a strong bond. There is a floor cover which is placed over the hole to create a perfect and sleek finish. The cover plate can easily be lifted to make cleaning a breeze. The glass clamps are then installed onto the posts and templates are taken. The glass then gets cut by and CNC machine and toughened. All the glass used is certified.

May Kenny Designs are SASSDA registered
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