This comprises of 50mm top rail. 38mm horizontals and 16mm verticals. The 50mm top rail can be round, square or rectangular.

  • Delivery time
    Round posts: 1 – 3 weeks
    Square Posts: 3 – 4 weeks

  • Installation process
    The best time to install the balustrades will be after tiling, but before laminated flooring. We use a diamond tipped Core drill which uses water to drill a hole into the floor. The hole is slightly bigger then the post giving enough room the post for the glue to create a strong bond. There is a floor cover which is placed over the hole to create a perfect and sleek finish. The cover plate can easily be lifted to make cleaning a breeze. All the holes in the post are laser cut with a CNC laser machine to the prefect hole at the correct position.

  • We do also offer side mounted balustrades if you prepare to Core drilled

May Kenny Designs are SASSDA registered

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